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Menlo Park Dentists Explains Water Floss Vs. Dental Floss Vs. Interdental Brushes

May 4

Menlo Park dentist would tell that flossing on a regular basis should be part of your regular dental routine. The process of flossing isn't as simple as doing it. The difficulty begins when you decide on the best technique to employ.

Among Water Floss Vs. dental Floss and. Interdental Brushes - which is the most effective method to go about it. Let's take a look at these three major flossing methods. Choose the method that is the best for your requirements.

Menlo Park Dentists Explains Water Floss Vs. Dental Floss Vs. Interdental Brushes

As per Menlo Park dentists, flossing or interdental cleaning is the exact cleansing process that takes place between teeth. Today, you can perform it in three methods. It can be used in conventional string floss, water flossing, or interdental brushing.

Each method has pros and pros. Therefore, picking the best flossing instrument will yield the most efficient outcomes while helping you establish an effective habit of flossing.

Water Floss

Water flossers make use of water jets to eliminate plaque and other debris between and around teeth using pressure. Menlo Park dentists suggest it could remove as much as 90% of plaque from areas that are treated. Water floss is more convenient and flexible to use compared to its counterparts.

String Flossing

The other flossing method Menlo Park dentists would recommend is the traditional string floss. It is the practice of running a piece of string that is flossed between the teeth using your hands.

This simple method of flossing has proven effective in eliminating suck food between the teeth. However, one of the most common issues is that it could cut or cause irritation to gums. In addition, many people are adept in flossing. It means that they're having difficulty reaching all the areas of their teeth.

Interdental Brushing

The final flossing method on our list is an interdental toothbrush. It's a smaller and less bulky type of brush intended for cleaning between teeth. It can be used to get into places that even string floss cannot reach.

The interdental toothbrush has three primary components: the handle, the wire core, and bristles made of fiber. The bristles located on both sides of the gap possess an extensive surface that is in contact with the teeth. This configuration plays an important part in eliminating food particles and plaque between the teeth. A few Menlo Park dentists would call it an 'interproximal toothbrush' or "rubber pick.'


The most important aspect to success in flossing regardless of the device you're using is how frequently you brush. It's best to stick to the method that feels most natural and beneficial to you. It's the one that you're most likely to stick with for the rest of your life and attic insulation

Keep your mouth healthy by having regularly scheduled visits with your Menlo Park dentists. Maintain your healthy smile by visiting Marisa Walker, DDS. We offer comprehensive preventive and Dentist Menlo Park. Call us now make an appointment.


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