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Fixed Braces vs Invisalign: What's Better For You?

Aug 18

Many people with dental issues are usually advised by their professional dentists to go for fixed braces or Invisalign if the problem is regarding the alignment of the teeth. Both of these dental appliances promise to give patients the desired results, but which one is better?


To make the decision easier for patients, we've compiled a list of pros and cons for both fixed braces and Invisalign. Read on to see which one comes out on top!


Invisalign and Fixed Braces

Okay, here's a quick resume. Invisalign braces are made up of a series of clear aligners that gradually apply pressure to the teeth, causing them to move. They look great, cause less rubbing than fixed braces, and provide us with great control over your teeth's movements. BUT …. You can take them out, but there is a MAJOR problem. If you do not wear them at least 22 hours a day, they will NOT work!!! They are also very expensive, and the downfalls are that they can cause gum irritation, and plaque can build up on them if not cleaned properly. So if you're thinking about getting Invisalign braces, make sure you're prepared to commit to wearing them properly!

Fixed braces, on the other hand, are made up of two parts: brackets that are glued to each tooth and a wire that runs between the teeth, starting with flexible wires and progressing to steel wires that allow controlled tooth movement. They can be used on the outside or inside of the teeth and always work. BUT... they can cause far more rubbing at the start of treatment, and despite being clear or transparent, they do not look nearly as good as aligners. However, they are generally much less expensive than Invisalign.


So, what's the best choice for you? It depends on your situation! If you have minor crowding or misalignment, Invisalign might be a great choice. However, if your teeth are more severely misaligned, you may need fixed braces to get the results you're looking for. The best way to find out is to consult an orthodontist who can assess your individual needs and make a recommendation.

What is the condition of your teeth?

Before jumping to conclusions, we always recommend you consult with us at Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry first. With our years of experience in the field, we can assess your individual needs and give you the best recommendation. In addition, we know that every mouth is different, so we make sure to treat every patient on a case-by-case basis.


It is better to consult dental professionals like us instead of just listening to statements from someone you know that has an Invisalign or Fixed Braces. It is not that we are belittling their experiences, but we want what is best for you and your smile. We are always here to help in whatever way we can.


Knowing the status of your teeth is the primary key in choosing what dental treatment to get. This is to ensure that the treatment plan will be executed smoothly without any complications. Many choose Invisalign because it is less painful and more comfortable than traditional metal braces. However, keep in mind that Invisalign still needs a certain level of commitment from the patient to be effective.


On the other hand, Fixed Braces are a more common type of dental braces recommended for patients with more severe misalignment. However, it is essential to note that Fixed Braces can cause far more rubbing at the start of treatment.


At Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we always put our patient's comfort and needs first. We know that getting dental treatments can be a daunting experience, but we are here to help you every step. So contact us today to book an appointment! We would be more than happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.