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Can Cosmetic Dental Operations Complement Restorative Ones?

Dec 1

You might wonder if aesthetic dental surgery can supplement or even take the place of therapeutic dental operations if you're considering getting it. Your particular circumstances will determine the response to this inquiry. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can sometimes be utilized to enhance your teeth' function and appearance. Restorative dental operations, however, might be a superior choice in some circumstances.


For instance, cosmetic dental surgery can be done to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile. To make your functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth, restorative dentistry operations could be required if you have severe tooth damage or decay.


In the end, speaking with an experienced cosmetic dentist is the best approach to determining whether cosmetic dental surgery or restorative dental procedures are appropriate for you. They will be able to assess your particular circumstances and make a treatment recommendation.


If you're considering cosmetic dental surgery, it's crucial to remember that the outcome will rely on the severity of the damage to your teeth and the sort of procedure you have. Cosmetic dentistry procedures may occasionally be able to give you a completely new smile. In other instances, it could simply be able to make your natural teeth look better.


The best way to determine whether cosmetic dental surgery or restorative dental procedures are appropriate for you is to chat with a skilled cosmetic dentist. They will be able to evaluate your situation and offer a course of action.

Can Cosmetic Dental Operations Complement Restorative Ones?


The operations mentioned above are solely aesthetic. However, therapeutic dentistry procedures that fix teeth occasionally can help your smile seem better. For instance, if you have a dental crown placed on a cracked tooth, your smile will look better and be healthier and more functional.


Dental braces work similarly by enhancing your bite and general oral health. However, braces also significantly improve the appearance of your smile.

What Benefits May Cosmetic Dentistry Offer?


Services in cosmetic dentistry can:


  • Boost your smile.
  • With dull, discolored teeth.
  • Enhance the appearance of your teeth.
  • Cover up cracks and chips.
  • Make your smile symmetrical and in perfect equilibrium.
  • Boost your self-assurance.

What Disadvantages Exist When It Comes To Cosmetic Dentistry?


Insurance typically does not cover the costs of cosmetic dentistry. This is because insurance companies do not view cosmetic procedures as crucial or vital in health.


To keep your smile, you'll also need to be committed. Some cosmetic procedures, like porcelain veneers, are permanent and must be replaced every few years.

How Long Does Recovery Take?


It depends on the kind of cosmetic procedure being performed and the number of teeth that require care. For instance, a person with dental bonding on just one tooth can quickly return to their routine. However, one who has gum contouring might have to take a day or two off work to recover. What sort of recovery time to anticipate can be explained by your dentist.

When Should I Schedule A Visit With My Doctor?


Consult your dentist about cosmetic dentistry solutions if you feel self-conscious or ashamed about your smile because of chipped, cracked, crooked, or discolored teeth. There are many various techniques to make your smile look better. Your dentist can discuss your cosmetic objectives with you and make a suitable treatment plan recommendation.


In the interim, you should continue visiting your general dentist for regular care, such as cleanings and checkups. To maintain healthy teeth and gums between appointments, practice basic dental hygiene at home.

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Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the appearance of your smile. There are several remedies available, from simple to complicated. Inform your dentist of your precise cosmetic goals so they can develop a treatment plan that suits your requirements, way of life, and budget. See us at Cascade Dental for additional details.